With Google posting less-than-awesome earnings for this quarter and Microsoft’s pre-market rise, both these companies are locked in a dogfight for the second most valuable company in the world.

That said, Exxon Mobil and Apple are still worth more than both these giants. Quite interestingly, all these four companies are worth almost $1.5 trillion in all.

Considering its recent earning report, Google’s stock dropped by 5 percent while Microsoft opened by just 1 percent.

Based on data provided by Yahoo Finance and CNBC data, Microsoft closed at $352.17 billion while Google closed at $354.77 billion. When they opened, the figures were at $357.05 billion and $356.13 billion leaving a small gap between the two tech giants.

Of course, Google’s move that helped it improved before the opening ensured that it was still ahead of its Redmond-based competitor.

It shouldn’t be surprising that this this competition between the two is happening since they compete in a number of categories from developer ecosystems, cloud computing, gaming and music and so on and so forth.

But there’s no doubt that if one firm passes the other, in terms of value, there would a sense of smugness on the part of one and embarrassment when it comes to the other.

That said, Microsoft has yet release its earnings report, and which could play an important part if it manages to pass Google. More importantly, whatever gains it has made could be lost if its earnings don’t live up to expectations.

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