Following an announcement from Twitter CFO about the implementation of a Facebook-style newsfeed, there has been a lot of condemnation and which has the social media company to reverse its decision completely.

Experts believe that there is one place where it could use this type of newsfeed and that would be pertaining to the Discover tab that has been navigated to by mistake by many an unsuspecting user.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with Twitter – quite to the contrary, actually.

However, a number of its managers have been looking at Facebook’s user-engagement numbers and mobile ad revenue that has skyrocketed for a while now.

Sadly, if Twitter tries to emulate Facebook, the less relevant this social media giant becomes for the simple reason that noone wants Facebook Two. In fact, in making such a move, experts believe that they could be risking  short-term gain for long-term irrelevance.

Of course, they could do something interesting with algorithmic filtering and prioritization but not at the cost of our primary needs. And this is what Discover has been created for but it remains a complete mess.

But it also throws up the opportunity to do something innovative with Discover – an aspect that Facebook completely ignores these days. What a few experts believe that if Twitter did find a way to generate some interest in Discover, Twitter users will be more than happy to allow a couple of its tweets in its newsfeed.

It might also come across as quirky and of interest to users so that it becomes addictive in the long run. Unfortunately, at this time, Discover is a waste of space not until the time, Twitter can turn it into something that users want and not want them to want something that is of little or no interest.

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