Given the top issue with Facebook being that privacy settings are not clear, the social media giant is on a mission to conduct a multi-level privacy checkup for just about everyone who uses the site.

For this, a cute tyrannosaurus will help users to get up to speed with this process that was first tested in March but now will be rolled out for everyone.

No doubt, some users are going to be upset about it and even if they skip will have to attend to going through this process later on. Since this tool is only for those who use the Web, a large number of mobile users will not be able to enjoy the benefits that it has on offer.

The real goal of introducing this multi-level privacy checkup is for the reason that when people know what they are sharing with whom, they will be willing to share much more than usual.

And even though, a punchline says, ‘We know you come to Facebook to connect with friends and not us’, it seems rather humorous as what you share is analyzed by robot (and not your friends) so as to position targeted ads nowadays.

While the ever changing defaults and settings confuse people, this checkup will only affect the biggest settings and not the smaller ones.

There are three areas that this checkup focuses on: privacy of your apps, posts and profile visibility.

That said, even though it’s almost a decade now since a lack of privacy on Facebook has caused issues, it’s a step that is better late than never.

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