Keeping international growth and mobile marketing in mind, Twitter is making another acquisition. ZipDial, a startup in India, has focused on a mobile user case that is unique to its own country.

The case in question is the instance when people call numbers but hang up before the call is answered. This simple situation leads to the capability of tracking a number of commercial actions as well as analytics.

While there are rumors about the deal which is about to be complete, sources confirm that it already has, where the buyout amount is in the region of $30-$40 million and it is complete.

One source reveals that the talks slowed down during the holidays and hasn’t picked up yet while another has said that nothing has been closed. Finally, yet another source reveals that another company apart from Twitter has been looking to purchase ZipDial and is said to be Facebook.

ZipDial, a startup that is the brainchild of Valeria Wagoner, Amiya Pathak and Sanjay Swamy, will be the latest in the line of startups that have been acquired by American multinational companies – only, of course, if the deal gets done.

Last year, LittleEye Labs, creating an app performance analyzer, was bought by Facebook while Yahoo acquired Bookpad which creates file editing and collaboration software. Prior to looking at ZipDial, Twitter also looked at Frrole. However, no deal materialised as a result.

The company in question, was started in 2010, and has already raised an undisclosed amount of money from investors such as 500 Startups, Times Internet, Mumbai Angels and Jungle Ventures.

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