YouTube has launched a new mobile-based version of its service and targeted for kids. While the application will be available only on Android at first, and in the United States, it’s clear that Google wants to extend its service to much more than being the largest repository of online videos.

Other services such as an ad-free YouTube as well as Music Key will also be launched soon.

It shouldn’t be surprising that there will be a number of features which includes a session timer and sound toggle so as to ensure that the content is suitable for youngsters.

Speaking of content, a number of partners from the entertainment industry such as Jim Henson TV, National Geographic and DreamWorks apart from a number of high-profile YouTubers.

Apart from providing access to suitable content for kids, there will be options that will help them find videos. Also, channels and playlists that include TV shows, music, explorations as well as learning experiences.

This is good because even though there is a lot of content available for kids, a lot of it is best kept from them.

This service, without a doubt, will alleviate the worries of parents who have to constantly monitor the content that their children watch as since the Autoplay option leads them to inappropriate content that contains expletives and are parodies of cartoon shows.

And which is why a number of parents choose to get their involved with other things such as Netflix   Kids’ Service, books and very importantly, real-life activities.

It’s not a good idea to have children spend too much time surfing the internet right from a young age.

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