Article by Pierre Zarokian.

When well over 570 websites and 70 new domains are created with every passing day, the only way that your online content can get a healthy flow of traffic is by maintaining a high search engine ranking through a top-notch SEO campaign. Generally speaking, investing in professional help from a search marketing agency will be the best way to run an effective campaign.


Due to the extreme density of new web content getting generated by the second, the Google Search Algorithm (also known as Googlebot) must be very discretionary in choosing what content it chooses to index. Upon identifying a website to analyze, the search algorithm scrutinizes every relevant bit of data on its webpages (also known as crawling) in order to try and ascertain its purpose.

There are many different methods to having your webpages communicate value and purpose to the algorithm. A search engine marketing firm specializes in determining the best ways that any company can fine-tune the presentation of its web content to give the Google Search Algorithm a positive impression.

Should the algorithm get a strong impression of both the website’s purpose and its potential relevance in any given category (based on a number of metrics, such a backlinks to other pages of high authority) it will compile the website into its index and give it a search engine position ranking for the appropriate amount of exposure.

After you’ve whittled down the focus of your business into a strong proposition within a clearly defined niche, get in touch with a search engine marketing agency to start optimizing your content for the search engine traffic it needs.
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