google-penguinPost-penguin SEO is not cut out to be as difficult as many people fear. This is especially true for companies that have already aligned themselves with the local SEO services Los Angeles residents trust. The emphasis remains on providing exceptional quality to web users throughout every aspect and element of the SEO campaign. There are, however, a few developments that site owners should be cognizant of, whether devising and implementing new campaigns or updating old ones.

Clean Up Old, Dead Links

Los Angeles search engine optimization companies are currently scrambling to help their newest clients clean up their link profiles. Many businesses that have been self-managing these efforts have long overlooked the need to eliminate or disavow dead links. These virtual dead-ends are extremely frustrating for increasingly mobile and time-conscious web users. Due to this fact, search engines are leveraging stiff penalties for poorly maintained link profiles, even if bad links are little more than oversight as oppose to deliberate, black hat strategies.

Start Using A Seamless Blend Of SEO And PPC

In addition to providing web users with greater value, Google is also working to create the world’s largest databank. This growing databank is the culmination of years of efforts to index and archive valuable information on every subject known to man. Bearing this in mind, site owners should understand that the algorithm for determining first page rank has its own, underlying agenda that doesn’t always reflect the best interests of growing businesses. For this and countless other reasons, the best SEO campaigns hold symbiotic relationships with equally ambitious PPC campaigns. When a Los Angeles search engine marketing firm is at the helm of these efforts, good PPC can both put a company at the top of the page in sponsored listings, while simultaneously boosting it’s organic rankings as well.

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