30-second radio advertisements can be just as impactful as a minute-long commercial.

shutterstock_133417934A powerful way to reach your consumers in your local area, and now even nationally, is through radio advertising. A 30 second advertisement may not seem like enough time to get a marketing message across but with the correct format, it can be a success. According to Steve Doctrow of Rogers & Cowan, radio allows you to create brand awareness as well as the ability to connect with a widespread audience.

Introduce Your Product

Immediately at the beginning of the commercial, introduce your product or service and explain its benefit to the consumer. For example, if your company is a limousine service, you could begin the advertisement with, “Do you need a professional limo service for your upcoming prom? XYZ company can help you out.” You’re identifying the need and also grabbing the listener’s attention and introducing a solution – which is your company. This helps the listener pay more attention to what message you’re trying to get across.

Call to Action and Reminder

After describing your product, you’re probably left with a good 10 seconds to close up your commercial. Close your ad with a call to action and a reminder of your service. Be sure to include contact information that’s easy to remember – think catchy phrases or even a jingle, anything to remind the consumer about your specific service or product. Because radio is prevalent on the road, your potential customers probably won’t be able to jot down your number but will instead have to memorize whatever contact information you leave behind in the last few seconds of the advertisement.

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