Finally music by the Beatles will be available to stream from almost all of the popular streaming services as of the 24th of December 2015. Many fans of the Beatles have been waiting for this moment. The following streaming services have been confirmed to get it:


  • Spotify
  • Google Play
  • Apple Music
  • Microsoft Groove
  • Tidal
  • Slacker Radio
  • Deezer
  • Amazon Prime Music
  • Rhapsody

The music streaming will be available a minute after midnight anywhere in the world. This means that streamers in Australia and New Zealand will be the first to be able to stream it.

This also means the end of the exclusivity that iTunes enjoyed on the digital versions of the Beatles catalog. Until now iTunes was the only place you could purchase and listen to the Beatles catalog online.

Another important note is that the catalog will be available on even the free streaming tier of Spotify. Something that other artists have issues with. Taylor Swift for example withheld her album 1989 from Spotify. She would only make it available if and when it was only available in the paid tier.

For those of you who have still not signed up for a streaming service, this might be just the reason to do so.

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