Few things will have a bigger effect on our mood than the climate around us. Think about it: when the temperature spikes, you probably don’t feel much like moving. Even your thoughts may slow as you have a hard time focusing on anything other than how incredibly hot it is around you.

In the past, this generally meant turning to the air conditioner and letting it do its thing. These days, though, relying on something as archaic as a fan coil unit to keep you comfortable just seems too outdated to be reliable.

This is why so many people have moved to units with alternatives to traditional fan coils. Furthermore, you’ll notice an upward trend to those looking to use a rental portable air conditioner for the issue.

By renting a unit, you don’t have to make a permanent investment. If you live somewhere with distinguishable seasons, you’re going to soon find that it’s only a matter of time before you no longer need that AC unit. It’s then you’ll be glad you can just return it and save your money.

So the next time you find yourself in the mood for a slightly cooler habitat, check out what a rental AC unit can do, especially if it comes with alternative coils.

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