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When most of us think of AC units, we tend to have some pretty basic pictures in our minds. Perhaps you think of central air, for example, or maybe your mind goes to the units that come out from the wall. In any case, these are definitely systems that are used to provide air conditioning, but they hardly scratch the surface anymore for what’s possible.

home_pri_coolingLook at industrial cooling, for example. This is basically the same as air conditioning, but it’s done on such an extreme level that giant machines making a surplus of heat can actually be brought down to a reasonable temperature so they don’t end up harming themselves. This way, companies can use these machines around the clock—servers are good examples of this—without having to worry that they’re causing more harm than good.

Then there is something like a portable dehumidifier. No, this isn’t air conditioning, but the main function it serves is very similar: it modifies the temperature in a room to such a degree that you no longer need to worry about whether or not the AC you’re trying to use will actually end up being a far costlier investment than you had expected.

All this and more is now possible in the modern age of air conditioning.


With a portable a/c, so much is possible. Whether you want a cooler home at a better price or you work with servers and it’s essential the temperature stay low, MovinCool has everything you need and so much more.

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