At some point, you will have to take care of a spouse or relative who can no longer remember their passwords.

Of course, this is someone who might pass on and getting as much information beforehand will ensure that you can get this done quickly and easily.

This is because it can get difficult to gain access to one’s accounts without the password or other information necessary. In one person’s case, it took almost two weeks to obtain control of their relative’s account after contacting the Microsoft Custodian of Records.


So thinking ahead can help you prevent this sort of hassle in the future.

So, when your loved one agrees to give you a power of attorney, make sure you ask for their passwords too. This includes even the answers to the questions that they have set up on various websites.

On way to do this easily is by using a password manager. In the given situation where both of you use such software, make sure you keep each other’s passwords in both password managers. This must include your Windows logon as well as the master password too.

Yet another simpler option would be to print them and keep them in a safe deposit which can be opened when you are either incapacitated or have passed away.

One such situation where this definitely applies is writing down the passwords of the your aging parents in a password manager or on paper. This will help you access them if something happens in the near future.

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